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LJ Abuse First Post Program
stonehenge moon
madman101 wrote in crisis_911
LJ Abuse First Post Program:
Emergencies happen.  In the decade LJ has been around, LJ Admins have dealt with voice posts cut off by domestic abuse, car crashes, and other terrible things.  This in addition to medical emergencies that happen in front of the computer (diabetic, heart, etc.) and the occasional suicide note.

LJ Admins cannot send help unless they have a person's real address and phone.  The LJ Emergency First Post program asks users to add their real world contact info in a Private post first on their journal, and then ask their friends to do the same.

To participate and possibly save your own life or the life of a friend, add your contact info,  under the subject "Emergency" (don't forget to make it private) and add the text below to your profile page.   (Then, ask a friend to do the same! :-))

Save your life or a friend's! 
Here's how:   Post your real world contact info in a private post, with the subject: "Emergency" so LJ Admins can get you help in an emergency!  I did :-)  (My private post is xxxx://www...........)


Don't forget to add the link to your private post!  Also, how about we start a list of all those private links, right here at crisis_911  ?!!  So, after you've made your PRIVATE info post, send in your link and I'll start the list going.  (No one can access those links, except LJ Admins in an emergency.  If you want, you could also specify what kind of emergencies or situations would be necessary before LJ can access your private post).- madman101

Please feel free to repost this entire entry in your own journals!


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