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good as gold !
madman101 wrote in crisis_911
Hi. Here's an informal post about how easy it can be to start stocking up for an emergency, even if you have very little money. Over time, you will find that the more you stock up, the more money you save. It is SO unbelievably helpful. If you can't afford to stock up on 25 pound bags of food, start with 5 pound bags, as I did through Here are some basic, really cheap and nutritious staples that I think are great to stat off with. Sunflower seeds may save the most money, since they deter hunger. (They can be mixed w/ healthier oil+ sea-salt). Corn cannot be guaranteed to be non-GMO unless stated. (All popcorn and blue corn is currently GMO-free). Oats, cereal cannot be guaranteed to be GF unless stated. Therefore, I am offering alternate links...

5# Roasted sunflower kernels, $10.90 - (Salted, $10.90 - Raw, $8.10 - Raw, Organic, $10.70 - Farm&Fleet, 6#, $5.97)

5# Split Peas, $4.95 (Organic) - (Regular, $4.15)

5# Lentils, $3.90 - (Organic, $8.00)

5# Cornmeal, $4.50 - (Organic, $5.45)

5# Organic Popcorn, $4.95 - (1# Nacho popcorn/ taco flavoring, $7.05!)

5# Mighty Tasty Hot cereal, $7.95 - (Bob's GF, $11.45 - GF, Rolled OATS, $10.40)

1# Nutritious, Iodine-Rich Icelandic Kelp, $6.45 - (Organic, *possibly West-Coast origin?*, $3.15 )

Total Cost w/o shipping = $43.60

Shipping from AzureStandard, (541/223-5640), can be FREE if:
1 - You are on one of their many delivery routes, such as along the NW Coast.
2 - You agree or arrange to pick up your order at one of their nearby drop-off points.
3 - You create and account and make your order over $50.
(Note - fresh veggies, frozen, cold-food, are all available via these delivery routes).

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Turns out I am not on any of their delivery routes. I'm about 20 minutes away from one, but I don't drive, and I wouldn't be able to get a ride to that particular area. I don't think I'd save quite enough on shipping for it to be worth the amount I'd spend on a taxi...:/ Oh well! Thanks for this though, I'm still definitely planning on ordering a little at a time from them, they have a massive amount of great deals there!!!! :)

Ah - OK, that makes perfect sense. But I am so sorry that you can't find a ride, because of your situation.

Just to note, in case this might help: Here, there are no city buses. But there is an arrangement available from a personal bus service whereby you call a day ahead, set up a ride, and the cost is only $3, anywhere in town. Return rides for another $3. There may also be a service for the disabled, but I have not gotten around to finding one, if it exists - but maybe one exists in your larger town.

Presently, I am writing a post which talks a little bit about Coconut Oil. This is one of the best treatments for dementia, and perhaps it might also help your memory probs, which might have a similar cause to my my own.

Take care.

PS - I am trying not to use LJ Messages anymore, so I am responding to your message here...

That sucks about the personal difficulties. I think it is impossible for normal to understand what some disabled peeps are dealing with.. Plus, our own brain, stress, anxiety, etc., probs, can fuel the fire, even though we may not see it at the time, especially if we have eve a streak of Fighting Irish in us.

Ha ha - Cookie spread! I didn't know that's what it was, I just thought it was some spread. Yes, that's a good idea. Someone is making $$$.

I am so glad the package got to you!

pps - Re: First paragraph above... A god way to reach me w/ more private info is via "Glitterbox" posts, even though the hacker deleted the text on one of those posts, dated 9/20.

Did you see my post on what happened on my way to mail the first package to you? -

Since I have had other problems within my own LJ, I seriously wonder if this event might have been an actual SET-UP, attempting to "harm" me, by someone associated w/ the LJ hacker. That's the only explanation I can find for the two posts, referring to it, being deleted by the hacker - to cover up the evidence ahead of time. And, we both know there has been similar difficulties w/ our LJ Messages! I have posted very incriminatory links in the past, which someone might not like - plus I post bold new or radical ideas, esp. pertaining to politic, econ or technology. The funny thing is that my illness alone is of far greater concern to me than this sort of thing, or something from the Nethers. (And - my conviction to the truth, and to the eventual triumph of natural justice lying latent within the human psyche and will).

)ppps - Please note that it is likely that the person you mentioned feels his ego threatened by his real wish to HELP, but being completely in the dark as to how he might take control of the situation, in order to help you. He can be partly assuaged and helped via caring and info - but he also needs to know that he has limits as to what he can do to help).

There is a cheap bus I think that goes from here to Portland and back. However, I think I heard either there's an issue with the timing, or it only runs a couple of times a day. So basically if one were to miss that bus, one would be in very very deep shit. :(

I'm curious about this hacker. Is this someone bothering you, LJ in general, or do you think it's the one I have been bothered by? Cuz I honestly don't think the one I've dealt with would be even at all concerned with it...

I'm pretty sure it's not the hacker from your past.

I reset my password again, and secret question. I dread to think it may be a pathetic "security" troll, if you know what I mean. They think they have the right to watch everything, (and we don't), but then they take advantage of this and screw with people, like the TSA, because they are basically a gaggle of no-life goofusses.

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