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How to find meaning after loss

Ted Talk: How to find meaning after loss | David Kessler

You may be familiar with the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. After decades of research and his own experience with tragic loss, grief expert David Kessler ventured beyond that classic framework and sought a sixth, crucial stage: meaning. He shares practical wisdom and strategies for anyone seeking to honor a loved one's memory and move through life in light of personal loss. (This conversation, hosted by TED curator Cloe Shasha Brooks, is part of TED's "How to Deal with Difficult Feelings" series.)

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How to support yourself (and others) through grief

Ted Talk: How to support yourself (and others) through grief | Nina Westbrook

In big and small ways, we all experience loss: whether it's the passing of a loved one, the close of a career or even the end of a dream. Explaining how to process many types of sorrow, marriage and family therapist Nina Westbrook highlights the importance of grief as a natural emotion and a powerful lens to help you imagine new futures -- and shares ways to support yourself and others through difficult times. (This conversation, hosted by TED curator Cloe Shasha Brooks, is part of TED's "How to Deal with Difficult Feelings" series.)

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Breast Cancer

I have an LJ friend who has breast cancer.

I found these two resources online.  One is a moulded mastectomy bra, on sale, (no breast forms included).  The other is silicone fake breasts, for CD/trannies - but I did see a section for women.  Surf around.  I am sure there are many other such resources available online.

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Good luck to anyone coping with cancer, or just health in general, especially my wonderful LJ friend.  Take care!

PS - see my journal's tag for "health - cancer - natural therapies."  xposted: crisis_911 and healthy_planet.
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Crisis support for the world

Crisis support for the world, one text away | Nancy Lublin

What if we could help people in crisis anytime, anywhere with a simple text message? That's the idea behind Crisis Text Line, a free 24-hour service that connects people in need with trained, volunteer crisis counselors -- "strangers helping strangers around the world, like a giant global love machine," as cofounder and CEO Nancy Lublin puts it. Learn more about their big plans to expand to four new languages, providing a third of the globe with crucial, life-saving support. (This ambitious plan is a part of the Audacious Project, TED's initiative to inspire and fund global change.)
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What about those stimulous checks?

Here's an article that answers pretty much any question you might have about the government stimulus checks, which are beginning to go out now.  An interesting, unintended fluke, is that some poorer people are again losing out a little.  Those on disability, etc., will get their $1200 checks in the mail, but not an extra $500 for every child, which most every other parent is eligible for.  However, it is very good that the homeless should also be getting checks - even astonishing, to me, at least.  The problem is that not all homeless people can be tracked down, etc.  People can go to a government website to apply, if they have no other means.  But how do homeless people do that?  At a library which is closed because of the crisis?  Anyway, overall, good intentions, good deed.  We'll probably need more, soon. Here's that article:

Will I Get A Check From The US Government, And How? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Stimulus checks: IRS to launch site that allows you to find out when you get yours

If you are concerned or want company during the present crisis, please join anti_viral!

Could anyone help me / my family?

*waves shyly* Hi, I found an invite in my inbox to join this group. It's like someone knew I needed help? Here's the situation: Thanks to covid-19 closing businesses, my family has no income at the moment. I applied for a job that I know I'm going to get (they've gotten back to me and I'm getting the position, it's just going to be a couple weeks before I start), but we have bills that need to be paid right now, not later. We didn't cover all our March bills, so I'm worried about April.

If anyone is able to help, Collapse ). We'd be very grateful for anything. We need $1600 to cover everything, and I don't expect to get that much, but every little bit helps. Just to keep our heads above the water for the next few weeks. And once I'm working, I'll be more than happy to come back here and pay it forward to whoever else needs help.

It feels kind of surreal to be here. It's been years since I've been on LJ; the only reason I logged in is because I got an email notification that an old friend sent me a PM, so I came back to read that. I'm still feeling disoriented... Well, thanks for the invite, I hope we can help each other.
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Important sister community!

Hello all you crisis_911 members!  You'll notice I have posted nothing about the Coronavirus crisis here, (even though it is the super-global crisis of today).  Why?  Because you already know all about it!  You get the news coming at you 24/7.  You are probably stuck at home living it.  It's the only thing people are thinking and talking about.

I think it would be great for folks to post here - on how to survive physically and mentally.  How to store food.  How to avoid trouble.

But you know you can go back and find a few of those kinds of post already here.  Plus, there is a new community that you really must check out.  It is perfect for this!

anti_viral is a new, active community where people are getting together and expressing their views and feelings about what is going on with this global crisis.  It is shooting towards being one of LJ's hottest communities.  Its ironic and a shame that it does so on the back of so much angst and trouble and illness.  But, believe me, this community serves a very healthy purpose.  I think you will like it.  Please check it out and add it.  You won't find anything closer to true community than you will there!

It provides support during these very dark times.