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Tsunami Preparedess - East Coast, USA
madman101 wrote in crisis_911
(This is not an official NOAA Advisory).

People on the East Coast USA, including Florida, and other coasts along the Atlantic, (northern):

An unusual swarm of earthquakes in the Canary Islands is raising the possibility that a volcanic collapse and landslide there could result in a Tsunami over 100 feet high. People near the coasts of the Northern Atlantic should assess their disaster preparedness, including the ability to travel inland within a few hours notice.

See also comments section:

UPDATE: East Coast Tsunami risk study:

Also, NASA satellite expected to fall to Earth September 24.

Comets and asteroids are expected to pass near Earth soon. Keep and eye out for them around October 12 and November 9. (FEMA happens also to be planning it's first ever all-network 3-minute Homeland Security test, across the country, on November 9). Search, and also see:

For solar watch, see:


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