soundofsunlight (soundofsunlight) wrote in crisis_911,

Could anyone help me / my family?

*waves shyly* Hi, I found an invite in my inbox to join this group. It's like someone knew I needed help? Here's the situation: Thanks to covid-19 closing businesses, my family has no income at the moment. I applied for a job that I know I'm going to get (they've gotten back to me and I'm getting the position, it's just going to be a couple weeks before I start), but we have bills that need to be paid right now, not later. We didn't cover all our March bills, so I'm worried about April.

If anyone is able to help, the paypal is We'd be very grateful for anything. We need $1600 to cover everything, and I don't expect to get that much, but every little bit helps. Just to keep our heads above the water for the next few weeks. And once I'm working, I'll be more than happy to come back here and pay it forward to whoever else needs help.

It feels kind of surreal to be here. It's been years since I've been on LJ; the only reason I logged in is because I got an email notification that an old friend sent me a PM, so I came back to read that. I'm still feeling disoriented... Well, thanks for the invite, I hope we can help each other.

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