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Breast Cancer

I have an LJ friend who has breast cancer.

I found these two resources online.  One is a moulded mastectomy bra, on sale, (no breast forms included).  The other is silicone fake breasts, for CD/trannies - but I did see a section for women.  Surf around.  I am sure there are many other such resources available online.

What I have to say about cancer, briefly, is this: Sugar and bad carbs are what it thrives on.  For this reason, and moreso because of my CFS, I try to avoid these completely.  There are some thoughts that cancer 'is a kind of fungus'.  We don't know everything, so maybe there might be found some fungal element, in the future.  I do know that cancer probably should be treated as if it were a fungus - like yeast.  Personally, anything that fights candida yeast - like proper diet, less stress, balance gut biota, sleep, iodine, immune-boosters, etc. - these are things I believe may also help fight cancer.

I also use garlic!  By all means.  Lots of it.  I combine this with baking soda.  Please DO NOT try this at home, as you may end up with serious gastrointestinal bloating and pain!  Talk to me, first.  Baking soda has also been said to help fight cancer.  Both garlic and BS are triple whammies in what they can do.  BS is not harmful to BP, unlike sodium chloride.

New medical therapies which might be investigated are radio-wave therapy, light therapy, and freezing fat cells, which are then excreted.  It is good to see cancer as an enemy to fight.  But, I also feel it is important to strengthen ones own personality or will, towards being as positive and activist as possible.  We know there may be a "cancer personality" where someone is very giving or forgiving, and is below average at asserting ones self for one's own wishes or needs or ideas.  Instead, negative suspicions or feelings might be buried inside, where they fester.  So, I am a strong proponent at separating oneself from the opinions or demands of others - from politics, for example.

I feel guilty, sometimes, when I identify trends I see in politics or society, which are negative, and I may rail against them.  Some of my friends my not have the stomach for this, and I don't want them internalising the negativity or their reservations.  People who care tend to do this, and I don't want to hurt people who care.  So, for your own health, feel free to drop me, anyone!  Don't uncomfortably accept anything someone has to say just because he or she is your friend.  Friendship or relationship obligates no one to do this!  That way lies dysfunction.

Finally, maybe there is a cancer personality, maybe not.  We must be careful not to stereotype anyone who gets cancer as any one particular personality, as if the way they acted in life somehow made the cancer their fault.  While there may be a cancer personality, this concept should only be used to help encourage any positive growth or change, if it is felt to be helpful.  In addition, there are so many other underlying "causes" of cancer, like toxins, genetics, or mere chance.

Good luck to anyone coping with cancer, or just health in general, especially my wonderful LJ friend.  Take care!

PS - see my journal's tag for "health - cancer - natural therapies."  xposted: crisis_911 and healthy_planet.
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