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So far, the conditions in Haiti have been so dire that no ham operators have been broadcasting from that company. A few are trying, but failing. A few are trying to come in from the Dominican Republic and through the auspices of the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Ham emergency services have yet to swing into proper operation. However, there is an extensive network of hundreds of operators across the globe who are diligently working to connect to Haiti; monitoring the development of rescue operations, and coordinating requests in the search for lost friends and relatives, in conjunction with the Red Cross, the Army, etc. Logging ham radio is the quickest way to get the news as it develops. At 6:pm Thursday, I learned that the Catholic Archbishop of Haiti had been killed, and this news has yet to reach the networks. The following frequencies are what is available. The best way to monitor hams, however, is to find ham radio repeaters in your area, or to listen via computer (IRESC) as mentioned below.


14,265 MHz USB - SATERN NET - Salvation Army
14,300 MHz USB - Intercon / Maritime Network

3,720 MHz - Emergency Clear Channel for Haiti
7,045 LSB MHz - Emergency Clear Channel for Haiti

other frequencies:
3,740 LSB MHz
3,977.7 MHz

Call-letters of two ham operators trying to broadcast from Haiti: HH/HI8FLB and HH/HI8RCD

Most long distance ham operations are in Single Sideband (USB or LSB). If you do not have a GOOD SW radio, with SSB capability, you will not be able to tune these in. However, you can find ham radio repeaters in your area, which are as clear as a bell, and are found on higher frequencies often covered by police scanners. Hundreds of ham operators provide emergency networking on these CLEAR channels. Because of computer linkage, they include members from all points of the globe. Here are important ham and ham repeater frequencies in my area:

444.7250 IRESC Echolink repeater
147.2550 local net
146.6100 local net
147.3900 local net
147.8550 local

I.R.E.S.C. - International Radio Emergency Support Coalition:

To clearly log emergency ham operations, or the computer Echolink Stream, and to find ham radio repeaters in your area, go to http://www.iresc.org.

To report your emergency info, or requests regarding people in Haiti, go to my.calendars.net/iresc.org.

Other frequencies:

Universal ham frequency for USA: 146.5200 (There are many others, specific for your location. Available upon request).

Standard air traffic frequencies: 122.8 and 122.9 MHz.

To donate to the Red Cross, text HAITI 90999. (A possible ham frequency for the Red Cross (?) may be 155.3400).
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