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crisis_911's Journal

Emergency Services
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Sharing info and contacts for people in trouble.

- MAILBOX (Members only) -

This is a new LJ community - in progress. Nurses, nursing students, doctors, medical students and teachers - all are encouraged to join!!! That is, IN ADDITION to other peeps!

PURPOSE: Networking those in need with people who might help them.

WHY JOIN: This community needs MANY members in order to succeed. Those in need, and those who can help, may just be you and me one day. So everyone is advised to join. Please monitor this group to see if and when you can help. Someone on your own city block may seek help here one day. A member of your family may need to contact someone. You may be in a difficult situation. Or, you may have time or money to spare - you may know a phone number, a friend, a survival tip, that might help. The tiniest efforts can sometimes make the biggest difference. And any general advice or observations for saving money, saving energy, cutting corners, cutting coupons, building shelters, survival foods, first aid procedures, and so forth, are welcomed - over and over again! This community is not limitted to any one group or country. Everyone is welcomed.

POSTING: Abuse will not be tolerated. If posts are too long, they should be made under a LJ cut. Emergency alerts should not be placed under a cut. Posts containing sensitive personal information should be made to MEMBERS ONLY (not public). Otherwise, the public is allowed to view and post in this community. Posts by persons seeking sympathy or attention, advertising suicide or self-mutilation, complaining of social discomfort, etc., are not the focus or purpose of this community. Those in need are advised to state their situations in clear and practical terms, in the interest of seeking solutions and resolutions.

UNTIL THIS SITE BECOMES TOO BUSY: You are invited to promote relevant communities here. You may also occasionally use "crisis_911" as an add_me site if your interests are relevant.

DISCLAIMER: This community is not affiliated with any other agency, and is not responsible for any illegality, injury, offense, bad advice, death, or harm done to or by any person, (or any other person or animal or property or law associated with), the activity of reading or posting in this community, or of any subsequent activity. Advice given here by this site, or by any person who posts herein, should not be regarded as, and so IS NOT, professional medical, legal, governmental, scientific, or psychiatric advice or direction. (Nevertheless, professionals are more than welcomed to join, post and participate).

LINKS: If you have links for first aid, disaster relief, web sites, discount coupons, and other such assistance, which may be explored by those in need, (or by any sensible person), by all means PLEASE POST THEM. Hopefully, they will also be inserted here in our profile page.

CONTACTING OTHERS: In urgent situations, it is appropriate and permissible for members to try to contact others by posting in crisis_911. In such situations, it is OK to seek help, from any and all members of this community, in trying to locate, contact or assist others.

Thank you.


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